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Are you fascinated by the possibility of life after death? Do you often wonder what it might involve, and what it might tell us about the essence of humanity? Donate to the PRF and help continue the quest for answers to these questions!


For just over five decades now, the Psychical Research Foundation has been actively involved in the effort to scientifically explore the question of life after death, and much of this effort was only made possible through donations kindly provided by people from all walks of life, who were willing to support the PRF's research and educational activities over the years. You can help keep that effort going.

If you have found the content of our website to be interesting or useful, then we invite you to help the PRF continue its work by contributing any amount of financial support that you are able to make available. It can be as small as $1.00, or even as large as $100 or more - it's all up to you; every little bit will help. For your convenience, any donation of $100 or less can easily be made online through Paypal by using the "Donate" button below (NOTE: You DON'T need to have a Paypal account to be able to donate!),
or by going to the PRF's page at this link:

Donations can also now be easily made via cell phone by scanning the QR code found below.








If you think you might like to make a special donation of several hundred dollars or more, please contact Jerry Conser by phone at (214) 538-5753, or e-mail him at (You may also conveniently use the contact form found on our Contact page).

We certainly appreciate any amount you are able to donate!

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