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  • Bryan Williams

Revisiting the "Cradle of ESP" (A Mother's Day Blog)

Mothers naturally feel a deep loving bond with their children from the very start. It may be so strong that at times, the mother may "feel lost" when separated from her child, even for a brief time. Some mothers have even talked about certain moments in which they "just knew" that their baby was crying, and came to find out that that was indeed the case. Is there really anything to these reported maternal experiences? Is the innate bond between mother and child so strong that it could be maintained even at times when they are apart from each other? In a sense, could the mother-child bond serve as the "cradle of ESP?" This was the question once asked by the late psychiatrist Jan Ehrenwald in the 1970s as he pondered the nature of this loving bond, and we take another look at this possibility in this new two-page blog article which celebrates motherhood on this special day of appreciation. :-)

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